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released September 24, 2016

Matt - guitar, bass, vocals
Connor - drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered September 24, 2016 at Mirkwood Studios in Indian Trail, NC.

Artwork by Aaron Sanchez.



all rights reserved


Search For Purpose Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Dedication
There's a feeling in the air, one that's stronger than before
It's our time, we'll show our strength
We've come so far and we're not slowing down

Passion has proved that our convictions will last until the end
My heart knows the truth and I'll never let these feelings fade
It's in my blood and it's in yours - an unstoppable force of change

Friendship; something I can't forget
"Times we'll remember"; it's been said again and again
But I won't let go
We carved our words so deep, I'll bleed for years to come

Dedication - it burns in our hearts
We've created something no one can touch
It's more than me, it's more than you
Together, we'll see it through

We've built this together, me and you
Track Name: Undertow
Holding on against a force unseen
This presence comes from all around and holds me under
Pressure crushes me and comfort slips away
My eyes are heavy
I've lost sight of what once was

Drowned by discontent
A desperate longing for something more
Fighting a war within myself
When will I feel whole again?

The more I struggle, the tighter the grip becomes
My thoughts lay heavy, weighing me down like fucking lead
I hear your voice resounding through the void
Will I accept this fate or fight towards another day?

Dragged down, but I won't submit
I'll never falter or lose my flame

I'll fight this undertow
Track Name: Rise
A fleeting memory - the value of words - serves to inspire and propel this defiance, a promise kept
Purity of mind until the end of time

Free from poison, free from restraint

A rising new breed emerging from days gone by
Our cry resounds, a chorus of might bonded by the straight edge
The light ahead has never looked so bright

Free from addiction, free from an early grave